Sewage Pump Station Maintenance Checks

Sewage Pump Station Maintenance Checks

We have worked with the Hamilton City Council Waters Operations Team to develop and execute annual electrical and control maintenance checks to the Sewage Pump Stations (SPS) located around Hamilton City. There are approximately 140 pump stations in all, ranging from 1 Pump through to 4 Pump arrangements. While some of the stations are original or second-generation cabinets, a large number have now been replaced incorporating new cabinets, components and technology.

These stations form part of Hamilton City’s essential infrastructure, and as such are all configured to be double redundancy. Components include either Variable Speed Drives or Direct On-Line Starters, Level Transducers and Floats, Flow Monitoring, Ammeters, Duty Switching and a facility for an external Genset. Additionally, they each have their own Distribution Boards, PLC and Radio Communications for data reporting back to the Operations Team.

Locations of the SPS sites around the city vary from road reserve to private property, as placement is largely dictated by the local topography. As such, they are commonly a favoured site for local insects to make a home. Ants can be troublesome with electronic components, it seems there’s no-where they can’t access. Our battle with the ants, cockroaches and spider’s forms part of the brief where we set baits and applied surface spray.

Apart from a thorough clean and insect eviction, we run a prescribed set of tests, ensuring full functionality and electrical tests of Pumps, Instruments and components. Our team inspect for any signs of imminent problems, and on completion provide a written report, including any recommendations to HCC for each station. This allows the Operations Team to adopt preventative maintenance measures, rather than a breakdown maintenance approach. The report also provides information for Ops to update their database on current specifications of the equipment, which may have been replaced due to breakdowns.

One Electrical have undertaken the commitment to train our employees in Temporary Traffic Management, ensuring our staff are safe in their workplace and complaint while working on road reserves.