Health & Safety

The company understands its responsibilities as a PCBU, and is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace that complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, relevant ACOP’s, and Regulations.
Company management endeavours to fulfil its duty of care of providing a work environment that is without risk to the health and safety of workers by providing; procedures and systems for work processes, facilities, clothing, equipment, plant and tools that are appropriate for the task, and adequately inspected and maintained. The company provides training and/or supervision as necessary to ensure personal are equipped with the skills required to work safely always. Reporting of any incident, pain, injury or illness, regardless of severity, and adhering to documented procedures and use of task appropriate Personal Protective Equipment are regarded as non-negotiable rules of our workplace.
The company encourages workers to approach management at any time to discuss concerns regarding the health and safety of themselves, and/or their co-workers in the work place, and commit to open and honest consultation to develop a resolution.
One Electrical supports strong worker engagement in the development, implementation and monitoring of their Health and Safety in the workplace. This is facilitated by employee attendance of regular Toolbox Meetings, and ensuring worker participation in the development and review of Job Safety Analysis’s, Take 5’s and Pre-Starts.
It is an expectation of workers to; co-operate with this policy, work to instruction within our work systems and processes, report all incidents and unsafe work conditions, attend relevant safety training and refresher courses and participate in incident investigations and reviews. A culture of ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe’ is actively promoted.
The company utilises a specific software package to ensure accurate and current recording and registering for Job Hazard Assessments, Near Miss, Personal and Environmental Incidents, Hazardous Substance Storage Use and Care, Training and Competencies of its employees.
David Tebbutt
Managing Director
One Electrical NZ ltd.
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