Hamilton City Council Pressure Monitoring

Hamilton City Council Pressure Monitoring

We worked with Hamilton City Council Waters Delivery Team on this project to design, supply and install multiple pressure monitoring stations around northern Hamilton. The essential infrastructure – water at our taps – of a city, is seldom thought about by residents until there’s a failure. Monitoring the performance of the infrastructure is imperative to its reliability, and these stations help the Waters Delivery Team obtain remotely the system status at any time.

The stations are powered from renewable solar modules, which store their energy in battery banks. The Pressure Instruments, located underground, are powered from the batteries. We utilised a point to point radio link for communication back to the HCC Operations Team, allowing them to access the data from each site. Simple, effective and very reliable.

In designing these units, our team were presented with two challenges. The first was lack of availability of grid power within a distance to make viable economic sense, thus the solar option. The second was the design of the units themselves.

Being installed in suburban Hamilton streets, we were mindful of the impact the units had on the urban landscape. We also had to integrate essential design criteria, such as a PV module receiving adequate sunshine hours to maintain a healthy state of charge for the batteries, and how to store the 16 batteries in each station. Additionally, we had local body codes to comply with, and placement of the control panel needed to be out of reach from tampering and potential tampering and potential vandalism.

We believe our solution fits the brief, the units stand tall, but to the casual eye look like many other things we might encounter in an urban situation. As the units are installed on road reserves, our team worked with a third-party Traffic Management provider during installation.

These Pressure monitoring sites can be seen around some streets in northern Hamilton. See if you can spot them.